The Walking Dead Creator Doesn't Want the Show to End the Same as His Comics

Credit: AMC
Credit: AMC

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman says the comic and show will end differently because he doesn’t want the show’s final scene to spoil his final panel.


On AMC’s Geeking Out with Kevin Smith, Kirkman discussed how he’s already got a planned ending for The Walking Dead comics, but he’s not sharing it with showrunner Scott Gimple. That’s mainly because he wants the comics to continue long after the show is over, and doesn’t want the show to take away from the comic series’ ending by doing it first.

Kirkman added that he’ll work with Gimple on an ending for the show, but is going to feign ignorance so none of his original ideas are spoiled.


“If the show were to ever end, ever, at any point and the comic was still going, I would have to sit down with Scott and pretend I have no idea how to end it, and then work with him to try and come up with a new ending,” Kirkman said.

It’s not surprising that Kirkman wants to keep the comic book series ending for himself. He was critical of George RR Martin’s decision to tell the Game of Thrones showrunners how he plans to end A Song of Ice and Fire. While it means the show and books will have some manner of cohesion going into the final season, it also means that book fans will already know how everything wraps up before they have a chance to read the final pages.

Right now, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the successful but sometimes shambling zombie series. Season 6 hasn’t even started, with the “who did Negan kill?” cliffhanger hanging over all of our heads, and AMC’s already renewed for a seventh season. There’s also Fear The Walking Dead, Chris Hardwick’s panel show The Talking Dead, and probably a year’s supply of podcasts on iTunes.

For all we know, the show could just keep going until everyone is dead— or even undead. Corpse Rick, anyone? The Walking Dead returns October 23.


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this is the part that drives me nuts :

seriously, dude? It’s going to end, and at this rate it’s going to end when you least expect it as you’ve got ZERO plan for a nice clean wrap up for what fans you have left (you shaved a few off last year). Eventually AMC will go, jeez this isn’t working anymore and cut you loose. I know you love making your comics last forever (i nearly fell out of my chair in shock when i heard that invincible will have an ending), but the tv world is a little less forgiving. Sure the Simpsons are heading towards 30 years, and SNL is older yet, but that’s about it. Your show is already getting as repetitive as your comic (which i like both, and it makes me sad to admit it, but yeah it’s the same plot over and over). so far we’ve seen: meeting with survivors, thinking your safe, have your safehouse overrun by either zombies or dictator like madmen, have you lose a bit of your humanity while trying to escape with your survivors, rinse, repeat. It’s time to realize that the real way to come out of this looking awesome, isn’t by staying on air longer, but by coming up with a seriously amazing ending. Breaking Bad rocks in 4 (or was it 5) seasons. Your lack of recognizing that you need an ending here, is honestly driving me away. Why do i want to watch a show that’s just going to get canceled without any sense of closure. But you keep being you. #headdesk.