A sequel to the candy-colored car crash Speed Racer is already on the minds of the writer-director Wachowskis, producer Joel Silver tells Moviehole. Didn't they learn from the premiere that this movie just isn't cost effective? Probably not, because Silver also revealed if they make a sequel it may be in the latest fad for every movie, 3-D. More details from the interview after the jump.

When asked if the Wachowski brothers were going to jump on the 3-D bandwagon Joel Silver confirmed that they had all been talking about making the original Speed Racer in 3-D. But thankfully the screen jumping cars will have to wait for the sequel.

"Yeah, we talked about this being 3-D. We actually discussed this being 3-D. There aren't enough theatres yet right now to make it really...it would have taxed us to make this 3-D right now. But maybe if we make a sequel, I mean, they have a story for a sequel and if they make it."


Silver also explained that the Speed Racer story isn't over for the brothers, and while they may not be the ones to direct it, they definitely don't want to give up writing for Speed Racer.

"Well, there's things they want to do with him," Silver explained. "There's as many episodes of this cartoon so there's a lot of ideas, but if we make the sequel maybe that will be in 3-D, but I mean it would have been possible, because it was digital to begin with, to do it in 3-D and all those shots were rendered so it would have been possible."


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