An awesome interview with Jeremy Shada, voice of Adventure Time's Finn

Bleeding Cool's Brendon Connelly got a chance to sit down with Jeremy Shada, who voices Finn on Adventure Time, for this extensive 20-minute Q&A.


There's some really great stuff in here – insights on everything from the inner workings of creator Pendleton Ward's mind, to the basis of Finn and Jake's relationship, to genuinely interesting trivia (did you know Shada's older brother actually voiced Finn in AT's pilot episode?) – there are even some hints about what we'll learn about Finn's past in upcoming episodes. Definitely worth a watch.

[Bleeding Cool]


The voice of Jake (John DiMaggio) just came out with a documentary called "I Know That Voice." It's on itunes and amazon and google play. Worth a watch if you're interested in voice actors.