The Vivid New Trailer for Pixar's Coco Makes Us Even More Excited to See It

Image: Disney
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Laughs, drama, music, family—the latest trailer for Pixar’s Coco has it all. While the last few trailers did a great job of hiding much of what Coco is, this new one sets up the story and stakes very directly. The result is more drama than before, but also more humor—and still plenty of gorgeous visuals. Check it out.

This trailer also reveals how the main character, Miguel, ends up hiding in the Land of the Dead: he paints his face like a skeleton. (In that moment, I couldn’t stop thinking of Halloween in another coming-of-age tale, The Karate Kid, where the Cobra Kai also dress as skeletons—but maybe that’s just me.)


I love how this trailer explores the innumerable possibilities of this mythical landscape, while also grounding it in reality, with Miguel’s stern grandma and the rest of his family sharing a mysterious fear of music. The more we see of Coco, the better it looks.

The film opens November 22.

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