The Visit Trailer Interrogates An Alien Visitor

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Behold the befuddling, yet enticing trailer for Michael Madsen's The Visit. Part of the 2015 Sundance lineup, this is the first look we're getting at the mockumentary that asks how the world would respond to alien life.

Here's the official synopsis from Sundance:

The Visit / Denmark, Austria, Ireland, Finland, Norway (Director: Michael Madsen) — "This film documents an event that has never taken place…" With unprecedented access to the United Nations' Office for Outer Space Affairs, leading space scientists and space agencies, The Visit explores humans' first encounter with alien intelligent life and thereby humanity itself. "Our scenario begins with the arrival. Your arrival." World Premiere (Part of World Cinema Documentary Competition)


Here's the first trailer thanks to Twitch Film:

And here's an image from the film, is that a poodle? Oh this looks wonderfully off.


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