Every plot thread started to come to a boil this week, with everything going wrong in exactly the way the show's been building to all season. Well, except for Janine. She blew her top earlier than expected.

Save for Marty's plot with the government, which is the weakest thing this season anyway due to poor development and Marty's usual incompetence, every other major development geared up for the final deluge of the season. Janine finally snapped with regards to Rachael's baby, the True Living are taking action against the Returned, and I think we've figured out what Addison and his grandfather are after with the Langstons.



The Langston Factory

Grandma Margaret discovers that Addison is related to William Kirk, one of the men who died in that mysterious factory fire we keep getting glimpses of. Whatever that was, Grandma Margaret knows that no one from any of the victim's families wants anything good for the Langstons. She visits Addison and tells him that A) all the rumors about the Langstons that flew after the fire were false and B) HE NEEDS TO STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER FAMILY. Grandma Margaret is never playing around. And, after their date last week, it seems like Addison isn't fully committed to his grandfather's plan anymore.


Meanwhile, we see why Henry can't let the factory go. When he walked away before, he didn't have Jacob. And Henry wants to leave his family business to Jacob, which is only reinforced by Jacob's drawing of a "Langston and Son Furniture" sign. So he's determined not to let Addison back out of the deal.

On a similar note, Addison's got a returned that's got him locked into a path. When Henry tells Addison about all the great things the factory will do for the town and American craftsmanship, Kirk walks out and urges Addison to go through with the deal. It sounds like he's supporting Henry, but we know there's something more sinister going on.

When Henry and Addison go to the bank, Henry's told that things have changed since he was last in business. He needs more collateral to get the loan, and Henry's willing to put up his house. This seems to shake Addison, so whatever he and his grandfather have planned is going to destroy that factory and leave Henry with nothing. I really like that Addison's not totally on board his grandfather's revenge train. He's conflicted and he questions whether people who had nothing to do with whatever happened to his grandfather deserved to be punished just for their relatives.


As usual, the Langstons are the most interesting part of the show. Henry's got both the past and the future pressing him into this action. His Returned mother was the one who first pressured him to reopen the factory in the first place (also, if she warned him about Addison having a relative who hates them, he might now be continuing down this path now). And his desire to leave something to leave something to his Returned son spurs him on. It's heartbreaking to think that actions that had nothing to do with him might very well ruin his whole family.

Elaine and Ray

Ray's still somehow caught the disease that had previously only affected the Returned. And he's going to hang onto his anti-Returned hatred to the bitter end. He even tells Maggie that he hopes to die and not come back and tells her to tell Elaine not to trust him if he does Return.


Man, I hope he does Return, discovers he is just himself, and has to deal with having told Elaine not to trust him.

Janine, Pastor Tom, and Rachael

This show does neatly tie Ray into the other plots of the episode. As Rachael's still the only person to have completely recovered from the disease. So Maggie wants to do an amniocentesis to see if Rachael's recovery has something to do with the pregnancy. Rachael agrees, and Janine flips out over any chance of harm to the baby. (Meanwhile, Marty's running out of the treatment and can't get his government friends on the phone. Also, of course the amniotic fluid is basically magic, and Maggie injects Ray with it.)


As Janine decides she wants to battle with Maggie for the "most intense" character on this show, Pastor Tom and Rachael do some bonding over the name of the baby. Pastor Tom gives Rachael's choice to Janine, and she crazy eyes her way into an answer.

I will admit, I thought Janine was going to grab the baby and run. I did not expect her to grab the baby still inside Rachael and run. As threats to the Returned mount, she tells Rachael that Pastor Tom said to go to Janine's sister's house for safety. Except she tells Pastor Tom that she and Rachael are getting a second opinion from a different doctor.


Also, Pastor Tom finds Janine's diary, which she writes as if she's the pregnant one. Combine that with her abduction of Rachael, her anger at Pastor Tom when he confronts her about the diary, and Rachael's call to Pastor Tom about being at Janine's sister/Janine being the creepiest, and things are looking bad. I legitimately cannot guess what Janine's plan is, and that's pretty scary. Seriously, she and Margaret are officially scarier than the government conspiracy or anti-Returned hate group.

True Living

Speaking of the them, they've been busy this week. They start the week painting red crosses on the houses of people with Returned. The implied threat is enough to get Returned being abandoned by their families, so Pastor Tom's church becomes their new home. Marty reminds Sheriff Fred that the last Returned cycle led to vicious town murders of the Returned, who came back to be murdered all over again. He would, if at all possible, like to prevent that particular return from happening.


Marty and Sheriff Fred go to visit the lovely people that make up the True Living, whose leader kindly reminds Sheriff Fred about how he called in the army last season. Marty then comes out of the Returned closet, telling the guy that if he has a problem with the Returned, he has a problem with him. Because he's a Returned. Guess that internal conflict was solved by hate. It also does not escape my notice that the only black main character on this show is the one delivering the speech to a hate group that uses crosses and attacks churches of the subjects of their hate. This is not subtle allegory.

Yeah, Pastor Tom's church is hit with a tear gas bomb in the final moments of the episode. Marty's there to be the heavy, but of course, he sends Pastor Tom to open the doors. Where he stumbles into the street to be hit by Deputy Carl (who cannot catch a break at all this season) and bleeds out.

Next week: We see if Pastor Tom's a Returned now, I guess. Also, all out war in Arcadia.