The View of Space They Didn't Want You to See

We're sick of those fake airbrushed artist's interpretations of Venusian lightning. Instead, io9 is bringing you RAW UNEDITED pix from space! This photo, issued yesterday by the European Southern Observatory, shows what it was like for young galaxies in the early universe.

Over at the Knight Science Journalism Tracker, Charlie Petit complains that news about this discovery is being ignored by science writers who only want a good picture. But here at io9, we're keeping it real.


It's big news, despite radio silence from your usual science porn outlets. This photo is the first confirmation that galaxies went through several adolescent stages before becoming the full-blown, star-packed formations they are today. A special telescope watched the same area of the sky for 12 nights, which allowed it to detect very faint objects (like baby galaxies). According to researchers at the Observatory:

The result of this search is the detection of 27 faint objects. The weak light signal that the team has detected from these distant objects implies low star formation rates and a small amount of chemical enrichment, suggesting that they are indeed at an early stage of formation.


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