Dancing Hitlers, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Britney Spears are the thin line that separate Heaven and Hell us in Marco Brambilla's video mural. This moving video installation, appearing in NYC's Standard Hotel, is an unforgettable vista.


Artist Brambilla's work "Civilization" is on display in the elevators of the Standard Hotel, and it moves up and down based on the direction of the elevator. I lost count of all the clips from pop culture touchstones, mixed in with the stock footage. I dare you to name them all. If this is the future of hotel art, I'd like Brambilla to get a lot more money to go nuts throughout the rest of the city. Also, sorry I didn't mentioned this earlier, Marco directed Demolition Man, which makes him doubly crazy awesome.

To see it in it's full high res glory (and you really should) check out Motionographer's Marco Brambilla page. Thanks for the tip Nerdletter.

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