The VFX Video for Game of Thrones' Loot Train Attack Is Almost Better Than the Finished Product

Image: Vimeo
Image: Vimeo

The Loot Train Attack in episode four of this season of Game of Thrones was undoubtedly one of the season’s highlights. We already knew it was an impressive marriage of practical and visual effects but, until you see this video, you won’t realize just how impressive it was.

Yes, you’ve seen this video. The one about all the practical effects and camera moves used. But the below video by Iloura is even better. It shows the time lapses layering of all kinds of visual effects and it’s so massive I couldn’t help but laugh through the entire thing.


It just sucks we have to wait so long to see what the final big, surprising battle of Game of Thrones is going to be.

For more on this scene and episode, check out the below links.


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Brian Burns

I am still bothered by Dani flaming the supply wagons. There was no tactical value to destroying them, and for all she knows they might contain tons of food or other useful supplies worth capturing. The only reason to blow them up was for the spectacle, which is a non-plot driven director’s choice. At the very least they could have included archers trying to use the wagons for cover or something to justify the waste of resources.