The very best responses to Safe Haven's batsh*t ending

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If you haven't seen the movie adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven (or read the book) and wish to remain unspoiled on the most half-baked twist ending next to The Happening, then stop reading right here. For the rest you ready to hee-haw at the absolute WTF-ness of it all, we've rounded up some of the best responses to this movie's ridiculous twist ending.


(Really awful) spoilers ahead!

Ok here goes. Julianne Hough's character Katie moves to a new town to hide from some past problems that aren't particularly relevant to our topic. In this quaint little beach town called Nicholas Sparksville, Katie meets widower Alex (played by Josh Duhamel) and new bestie Jo (Cobie Smulders). Alex teaches Katie how to trust again and Jo listens to Katie while they paint floors or something. As the story moves forward and Alex and Katie fall more in love it's revealed at the very end that Katie's new BFF Jo is the ghost of Alex's dead wife. Who was haunting Katie just to make sure she was good enough for her husband. Which is not only creepy, but was never hinted at or referenced as a possibility in the plot. Naturally the public flipped, as did we when we found out. So we combed through the internet to find the very best freakouts when people realized the main character had been babbling to herself for most of this flick.


Richard Roeper from The Sun Times makes a good point, wouldn't the fact that you spent countless days talking to the undead cause you to fall into a catatonic fear coma?

Roeper writes:

In the final few minutes of "Safe Haven," one of the leads reads a letter filled with common sense advice and heart-tugging emotion. The letter also contains a stunning reveal about another key character in the story - and this reveal tells us, without a shadow of a doubt, that the person reading the letter is either deeply delusional or has experienced a phenomenon that should have the letter-reader screaming with terror. As we see flashbacks designed to support the big twist, we're only reminded of how insane the whole thing is.

Huffington Post's Mike Ryan wants to know how it's possible to SCARE ghosts:

...(During the reveal, the crowd let out an audible groan.) I couldn't help but wonder what supernatural rules govern the universe of this movie. I mean, the first time we meet Jo, she's peering into the window of Katie's home and seems genuinely startled when Katie sneaks up on her from behind. (Is this possible? Can a living human not only sneak up on a ghost but startle a ghost?)


Amy Nicholson at Bad Ass Digest thinks Katie is insane:

This raises a couple questions: Is Katie insane? Did Ghost Jo know she was going to hook up with her ex from the beginning? Is she a psychic ghost? When Ghost Jo left town and hinted she was moving to Europe, is Europe Heaven? If Europe is Heaven, does that mean that Belinda Carlisle was right when she said Heaven is a place on Earth? Will Nicholas Sparks pull an L. Ron Hubbard and reveal that his novels are actually the precursor texts to a new religion?


Pajiba wins for best title:

If This Is Love, Then Cupid Can Go F*ck Himself

Matt Neal at The Standard became violent:

"(The twist) is so incredibly baffling and profoundly stupid that it will make you want to punch the movie in the face."


And Jo Blo calls it worse than the Remember Me September 11th twist, which is pretty freaking bad:

The worst part of SAFE HAVEN is the final, ridiculous twist that's probably the most unintentionally hilarious ending since the jaw-dropping stupidity of REMEMBER ME's September 11th twist.


Overall, it doesn't seem like people are fans of surprise ghosts unless they've been prepped and abide by the supernatural rules we all know and respect.

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And I bet very few people felt the same way about the similar reveal in Fight Club, but it's the reason I hated it.