Looking for a last-minute costume idea? The folks at Symmetry Magazine have put together a list of fun and quirky (quarky? I'm sorry.) physics-themed getups, complete with animated illustrations. Up top is one of our favorites (and one of the few well suited to couples-costuming): Entangled particles!

Entangled Particles

Einstein described quantum entanglement as "spooky action at a distance"—the perfect costume for Halloween. Entangled particles are extremely strange. Measuring one automatically determines the state of the other, instantaneously.

Find someone you are extremely in tune with and dress in opposite colors, like black and white. When no one is observing you, you can relax. But when interacting with people, be sure to coordinate movements. They spin to the left, you spin to the right. They wave with the right hand? You wave with the left. You get the drill.

You can also just wrap yourselves together in a net. No one said quantum entanglement has to be hard.


More at Symmetry Mag.

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