Navigating the sweaty masses on the Comic-Con floor can be soul-crippling. So we did it for you! Here's our list of the best booths, sites, toys, action figures, and goodies you should be gobbling up (with location numbers) on the floor of San Diego Comic-Con.

That's not just He-Man, it's King He-Man at the Mattel booth!

White Orc image via SciMafia.

Star Wars mystery boxes at the Official Star Wars Booth (which is gigantic).

Her Universe dress (also comes in TARDIS and Vader).

At he Predators booth, you can buy a limited edition Blu-Ray and they will make a Predator action figure holding YOUR VERY OWN 3D PRINTED HEAD!

LEGO booth.

Primeval booth.

Asgardian guards at the Marvel booth.

Cody Vrosh Tees.

Doctor Who Top Hat and an Avengers Top Hat at Kelly's Heroes, Booth 847.

The Browncoats unveiled this amazing Mudder's Flask and water bottle (the water bottle isn;t new, but it's still awesome).

The Walking Dead booth has two REAL LIVE zombies this year. Get your picture taken while killing your own walker.

Odd Head. I just kind of like it. Available at Booth 4929.


Ninjas Vs. EVERYTHING by Obsidian Abnormal. Available at Booth 1332. Check his Twitter, because Gendron posts when they are re-stocking.

Disneyland Tink Teacup, at San Diego Comics booth I1. So many amazing vintage finds at this booth.

Witch's dress from The Seventh Son.

Hasbro booth.

Cobra Fett t-shirt (or print) by Jason Martin.

The Legendary booth's Pacific Rim display.

Gwen Stacy maquette.

Adventure Time Ice Prison (photos available inside the actual ice jail).

Michael Jackson Nesting Dolls by Stephen Silver.

Tentacle Necklace from Killer Tentacle Octopus.

Second exclusive from the California Browncoats. Choose Your Sin shot glasses available at booth A7/A8.

BBC T-shirts on display in the BBC booth.

More BBC wares.

Free Adventure Time pins available at the AT booth (outside of the ice castle).

Massive Marvel toy display at the Hasbro Booth.

A giant dark elf represents Hasbro's new D&D Kre-O line.

First ever Orphan Black T-shirt we've ever seen (officially).

Dangerous over-the-shoulder boulder holders at Booth 4521.

Cthulhu bandanas at Cthuliana Corner.

Brilliant artist Brandon Bird is peddling his wares at 1229. We are loving EVERYTHING he is selling. Oh, and he has free "make your own Christopher Walken" masks. Rad.

Image Comics Booth, rocking the best t-shirt we've seen on the floor.

Sickeningly amazing Walking Dead art.

Saga's Lying Cat t-shirt at the Image Comics Booth.

They kind of look amazing all together. Imagine a whole wall in your house just like booth 716.

Reel Art booth has bajillions of vintage movie posters (my favorite).

Doctor Mew's Jenny Parks (Booth #708). Also the creator of Avengers Cat.

There's a giant money pit for you to dive in at the Ducktales booth.

Beastlies at N-09.

i-mockery T-shirt at Booth E-10 (near row 600).

Gorgeous dystopian PSA signs at Booth 1229.

Art of Tai Young Choi, Booth E5.

Dan Parent's Archie Comics prints.

The Tick booth.

Mark Dos Santos is selling his gorgeous Superhero/Norman Rockwell mash-up art.