The very best fake monster pictures that you created!

All summer long, you've been chasing cryptids, or mystery animals, for our Cryptid Summer bounty. And you've also diligently been producing pictures of fake cryptids because, well, it just wouldn't be monster season without a lot of photoshopping. Here is the summer's last batch of fake cryptids - would any of these fool you?


Tomorrow we'll announce the winner of our fake photoshop contest — we'll be choosing from this batch and the other batch of fakers we posted a couple of weeks ago. Feel free to tell us your favorites in comments!

Though some of these are brought to you via the magic of photoshop, we were pleased to see many people creating sculptures and even some taxidermy entries too!

See image above. David writes:

This is my dog Peeka, a black pug. At night, after the transmogrification. Made with Photoshop CS3 and a digital camera.


The Cryptid Prize Wall
Allan says:

I've attached pictures of three specimens that were hunted, killed and mounted by my great-great grandfather (family scuttlebutt is that he'd mount just about anything...but anyway). The names are shortened on the picture files, but the full names are 1) Quadocular Crocodilla, 2) Hammerhead Pleasantelope, and 3) Sabretooth Quetzalanacondor. They were made primarily with Sculpey, (the teeth of the crododilla are nails, the eyes of all the specimens are glass taxidermy eyes and the feathers of the quetzalanacondor are...well, feathers).


Japanese Radioactive Sea Chigger
Robert says it's "made of Polymer Clay."


The Goatman of Maryland
Lew says:

[It's] a local cryptid, sort of like Bigfoot but goatier. Supposedly he was a scientist who experimented on goats, and in an epic instance of karmic backlash somehow his experiments backfired and turned him into a half-goat monstrosity. Understandably unhappy with his situation in life, he's been killing pets and haunting lover's lanes in PG county since the late 70's . . . [made with] Photoshop Elements, stock photos and a lot of free time.


The Fruck
Martin says, "A photoshopped Duck + Frog = a FRUCK !" He's got hundreds of other hybrids on his website.


Preserved Garden Fairy
Ryan says:

The creature shown is a "preserved garden fairy" made from sculpey, paint and I believe those are ash leaves. The fairy is about 4 inches long. The display case is made of leather and wood and is age treated. "From the collection Professor John P. Merryweather/Smythe, this is a beautiful example of Victorian era nature preservation. Here we see the extraordinarily rare Mediocris Ortus, more commonly known as the Garden Fairy. Must see in person to truly respect this specimen"


Sasquatch vs. Leeds Devil

Mike says:

[This is] a video I prepared as part of a Saquatch Vs. Leeds Devil exhibit for my 19th century sideshow museum. It was cobbled together from Jack Links beef jerky ads, and animated over in Photoshop.


Irish Waterhound
Rick says:

[This is] a taxidermy example of "whimsical creatures" I create by combining real natural creatures and some sculpted blending to make them look like they might exist in the wild.


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