It's April Fools, the day where everyone tries to be funny — and some folks actually succeed. Thankfully we've rounded up the best of the internet's jokes, so you don't have to spend time sifting through all the lies and crazy. So, what did Think Geek come up with this year. And find out who had the best headline of all: "Nasa Curiosity rover quits Twitter after abuse from Trolls."

Google Maps unearthed a new Treasure feature.

Virgin Atlantic (a website that is no stranger to April Fools) put up their plans for "glass- bottomed" planes.

Clash Music is reporting that David Bowie is leaving music and opening up an exotic pet shop titled... wait for it... SPIDERS FROM MARS!

FermiLab chose a new director... he may look familiar.

The US Army thinks it's high time we weaponize our felines. Just good luck with getting them to follow orders.

George Takei switched sides.

Science Magazine claims that Stonehenge was the site of the very first "rock" concert .

The Metro couldn't think of any good pranks for themselves, so they came up with pranks for a bunch of other sites. It's actually quite brilliant, and we like trolling the Mars Rover on twitter the best. They even went on to write their own spinoff report to the actual fake news. Rover goes Rogue!

Google introduced the Nose Beta, a collection of smells you can inhale through your newly upgraded mobile devices, it's also quite good at letting you know "what's that smell?"

Netflix re-organized their movies into much more helpful divisions including "Movies Featuring an Epic Nicolas Cage Meltdown."

There's the Shibasphere from Toshiba which has great interactive games like, "Let's Travel!"

And as always, Think Geek came out guns swinging with a collection of "fake" products we're betting become real after fans flip out at their collective cleverness. Like this Batman Family Car Decal.

And this Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp.

Death Star Trench Toss, where you throw little X-Wings at the trench. Seriously this is the one that needs to be made real.

Bane Mask Walkie talkies.

Creeper Body Pillow

Alien Chest Burster-in-a-Can