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After what’s felt like a lifetime of waiting, the sixth season of The Venture Bros. is nearly upon us. It even feels like it’s been ages since we got our first glimpse of this new season. But a new extended trailer reveals so much more about the Venture’s new fate—and how suitably weird New York is in this universe.


With Doctor Venture coming into an obscene amount of money the last time we saw him, the team are riding high—which can’t really be said for the Monarchs, who are also in town, trying to reverse their situations after the fall of the Guild of Calamitous Intent. But there’s so much going on in this trailer: Avengers stand-ins! Techno grim-reaper guy! Brock Samson! Robot Dinosaurs! A villain named Think Tank who’s part-MODOK, part tank! Oh, it’s been way too long without this insane world being back in our lives.


The Venture Bros. will finally return on Adult Swim on January 31st.

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