The Venture Bros. Heroes Are Under Pressure and Facing Ch-Ch-Changes in Their New Trailer

The Monarch is back for more zany plans!
The Monarch is back for more zany plans!
Image: Adult Swim
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After what feels like eons of waiting, here’s a real good look at The Venture Bros.’ seventh season is here—and there’s changes afoot for everyone. New alliances! New foes! Demonic robots! Hank, actually maybe having a successful relationship! It’s all happening, and it’s all happening very soon.


The first trailer for season seven landed at Comic-Con today, and it is both suitably weird as hell and delightfully set to the David Bowie classic “Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps).”

Catching us up on everything that’s happening in the expanse of time between season six and this means we only really get hints as to what’s in store for the Ventures and the Monarchs alike, including a fledgling alliance? Even though many of the characters seem to have been kept running—one might even say running scared—all the myriad scenes are still very funny in the classic Venture style. Plus, hey, at this point any look at season seven is good news.

Even better news is that it’s actually just weeks away: The Venture Bros. will finally, finally return to Adult Swim on August 5.

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