Screamers 2 will begin shooting in Toronto next month, and that news made us haul out the first film to take another look at it. While the original version of Screamers from 1995 isn't a bad film by any means, it does have a storyline that plenty of people would find pretty frakkin' familiar these days: Humans invent a sentient robot killing machine to eradicate their enemies with, and soon enough it turns on mankind and even learns how to mimic human appearance. Battlestar Galactica, anyone?

Let's do the math: humans invent sentient robots, they begin evolving on their own, then they rebel against mankind, and then they learn to disguise themselves as humans. Someone needs to check out Ronald D. Moore's Netflix account and see when the last time he rented Screamers was. However, anything that comes out now that features robots disguised as humans will "scream" BSG, so this ill-conceived sequel is too little, too late. Sorry Screamers 2, but you're destined for bargain bins and cable tv.


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