The United States, Divided By The Booze They Drink

What if instead of 50 states, we divided the U.S. into principalities based around each area's favorite booze? This fun infographic has the answer. Find out if you're a resident of the Lone Shiner Republic or the Jeffersonian Democratic Commonwealth of the Grape below!

Illustration for article titled The United States, Divided By The Booze They Drink

Created by Vinepair, this reminds me of all the post-apocalyptic RPGs I used to play, where future America would always have broken into new different republics and territories. Frankly, if this is how things eventually shake out, I'll be pretty pleased. But then I'll be living in the Bourbon Commonwealth and not one of the desperate bastards in the Bud Republic, so I'm probably a bit biased.

[Via Laughing Squid]

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That Southern California one should read " Southern California Confederation of Craft Brewers That Make Nothing But Extra Hoppy IPA ". And that's why my monthly budget for whiskey has grown so large.