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The Underrated Movie Frequency Is Being Remade for TV and Looks Kind Of Great

Illustration for article titled The Underrated Movie iFrequency/i Is Being Remade for TV and Looks Kind Of Great
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In 2000, a movie called Frequency was released with little fanfare. It starred Jim Caviezel as a police detective who, somehow, begins talking with his dead dad (Dennis Quaid) through a ham radio. Some people liked it, but it never made much of a mark. Nevertheless, it’s always been a great idea and now it’s going to be a TV show.


The CW just revealed the first trailer for the series, which stars Peyton List (The Tomorrow People, Mad Men) in the Caviezel role. It looks a tad melodramatic but, that’s to be expected (it’s the CW after all). Check it out.

This is honestly the first Upfront trailer I’ve actually been intrigued by. My main concern though is that the movie wrapped up very nicely. I won’t spoil it here but it feels like the end of the movie has to be the end of the series. Drawing it out beyond just one or two cases feels like it could be extremely difficult. Season five would be like “Hey Dad, yeah I know it’s been 10 years of us mysteriously chatting, but whatever, have you heard of the Zodiac?” Nevertheless, I’m definitely interested in what this cast and crew has in store for this great, underrated idea.


Frequency will debut in the Fall.

Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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The movie is pretty good.