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The Ultimate Watchmen Eye-Candy Experience

Illustration for article titled The Ultimate Watchmen Eye-Candy Experience

With the long-awaited Watchmen movie coming out on March 6, Warner Bros. put out over 50 high-res promo images. Some are new, some are old, but they're all insanely gorgeous and shiny. Full gallery below.


I'm going to be poring over these all weekend. I especially like the Rorschach prison lunch tray picture, which I'm pretty sure is new, and a couple of the images of Nite Owl in his civvies. Warners also threw in a few relevant panels from the justly acclaimed graphic novel, just so you can compare Zack Snyder's vision with Dave Gibbons' timeless art. [Warner Bros.]

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I thought Matt Frewer was playijng Moloch, not Nite Owl I...