The Ultimate Star Wars Fan Directory? It's A Trap!

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For a franchise that takes place in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars certainly takes up a lot of this galaxy's internet. Thankfully for those of you who need to tell your Baleen Whaletortoise from your Bergruutfa, someone has created a guide to more Star Wars fansites than you could ever want to visit. Finally, there's no excuse not to have all of the Jedi-related origami that you've longed for all these years.


Called GalacticBinder, the new guide lists fan sites for George Lucas' cinematic empire in categories ranging from basic "Reference" to "Local Fan Societies," in case you get the urge to pull a low-rent Darth Vader any time soon. There's even a monthly giveaway to entice visitors to come back to the site; this month, one lucky winner will receive a 7 inch bust of Chewbacca wearing breathing apparatus and looking slightly crosseyed that's - you guessed it - not available in stores. Because, let's face it: nothing says "I frequent some interesting websites" like a large Mynock Hunt Chewbacca paperweight.


GalacticBinder aims to fulfill the claim of being "the Ultimate Star Wars Directory" by not only overwhelming people with the sheer choice of useful, weird and downright unsettling websites inspired by a common theme, but also by letting fans suggest new listings and even going to so far as to befriend people on MySpace. It's apparently a method that's working, with over 1000 sites currently listed in the directory so soon after the site's launch in March.

The best part about the whole thing? No, I wasn't joking about the origami. Go and fold your heart out, people.

Chewbacca image above by Darin Overholser — thanks, Bonniegrrl!

GalacticBinder: The Ultimate Star Wars Directory


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That Chewie illustration makes me giggle every time I see it. ;-)