The ultimate New Year's Eve party favor: the bendy-straw shrimp!

This little guy might look like a bio-luminescent creature from the ocean floor, or perhaps a super-advanced form of nanotechnology. But the truth is far simpler (and awesomer): this is a bendy-straw shrimp, and here's how to make one.

Admittedly, any illusion that this shrimp comes from the bottom of the ocean or a nanotech lab does fall apart pretty quickly when you take a good look at its tail, but the entire thing really is made from a single, ordinary bendy-straw. So now, you pretty much have two choices: spend the rest of New Year's Eve learning how to make bendy-straw shrimps, or completely waste your day.


The good people at Creative Blythe have all the complete instructions to make these shrimp, and you can also check out this video below showing a person making a shrimp. For whatever reason, there's no audio, but we feel the Chariots of Fire theme is the perfect soundtrack for an activity this awesome.

[via Deep Sea News and Make]

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