The Ultimate List of Reasons We Know the Earth is Definitely Round

In case you had any lingering doubts, here is some masterful cosmological/geological/geometrical instruction on our planet and its spherical — but not perfectly spherical — tendencies, courtesy of the ever-capable Henry Reich (better known as the creator, animator and narrator of MinutePhysics). Some great, if not immediately obvious, insights here.


Saddle up, kiddos — let's go rile up some flat-Earthers.


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10. The Earth is special, what with being the center of the Universe and all.

9. The sun travels above the equatorial circle, halfway between the central northern point and the circular southern rim. Light is repelled by the surface of the Earth, and curves away from it . . . so when the sun is directly overhead one point along the equatorial circle, its light is curved along its path towards the north point and south edge, and consequently the sun appears closer to, or even below, the "horizon" as a sort of optical illusion, thus making it night in some parts of the world while it's day nearer to the sun. This light curvature also explains the differing angles of shadows at different points on the Earth's surface.

8. The four winds arrange themselves such that their influence is felt by all major storm systems.

7. It's a nice claim to make, but nobody has ever walked a thousand kilometers in a straight line along the Earth's surface, turned 90°, walked another thousand kilometers, turned 90°, and walked another thousand kilometers. Until this hypothesis is tested, I remain unconvinced.

6. See #9

5. See #9. The light of stars is affected just as the light of the sun is.

4. Magnetic north is at the center of the circle of the earth (and magnetic south is evenly distributed along the southern perimeter rim), so traveling "west" means traveling in a circle around the central north pole and parallel to the south edge.

3. See #9. Light curving away from the flat surface of the Earth fits the data just as well (if not better) than light moving in straight lines across a curved Earth.

2. Lunar eclipses are caused by the sun's black counterweight blocking the moon as arcs across the heavens.

1. Fake.