The Ultimate in Game of Thrones-Themed Weddings

Kerry Ford and Darren Prew won a Game of Thrones wedding by entering a blinkbox competition. We're talking a rented castle, a rented horse, and over 50 hours of fitting, styling, and theatrical makeup. All creating a wedding party full of characters which would never get along this well in Westeros.

There's Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow at the center, surrounded by a best man White Walker, an Ygritte maid of honor, and mothers in the forms of Melisandre and Catelyn Stark. Plus, Khal Drogo, and Brienne of Tarth make appearences. It looks like no one in the wedding party is a fan of the Lannisters.


Despite the fact that Kerry and Darren won this wedding, Kerry, a professional baker, chose to make the cake herself. Kerry explained:

It's comprised of each of the Game of Thrones' houses, then there are the wedding vows from Game of Thrones, King Joffrey's crown made out of chocolate and topped with the famous iron throne. It was almost a shame to see it eaten. I changed my mind over the design of this cake so many times, it's the most important cake I'll ever make.

While the bride and groom went for the unusual pairing of Daenerys and Jon Snow, the best man went for the labor-intensive White Walker look, which is sure to be the go-to look for the coming wedding season.


And finally, the best saved for last: the father of the bride as Hodor with his grandson as Bran Stark:


See more photos at blinkbox's flickr. [Blinkbox via Winter Is Coming]

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