The Ultimate Guide to This Summer's Science Fiction and Fantasy TV

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We've got a long list of television to keep you cool and safe from the terrible, terrible outdoors. No longer is summer where bad TV goes to die. Under the Dome, True Blood, Axe Cop and Falling Skies are just among the few of some of the shows being aired in the high heat months. Here's our ultimate guide to summer TV.


Already Aired


Did you like the movie Zombieland? Great — then you're going to hate this.

Where: Amazon

Davinci's Demons

Sexy Leonardo Da Vinci has a lot of sex with sexy people and makes a mechanical bird. Also, he's trying to uncover the conspiracies behind the strange secret society that runs Europe. But we're just in it for the toy bird and the humping.

Where: Starz


A futuristic Western set on a ruined Earth in the far, far future. Cowpokes and albino aliens rub elbows as the world tries to regroup during uneasy truce between the original settlers and the new alien refugees.


Where: Syfy

Hemlock Grove

Eli Roth's new streaming series has all the stuff we love about monster movies, but in a monster show. Sex, werewolf transformations, mysterious, people rubbing blood on each other. This show is the darker Passions we always wanted, but with an awesome twist of Twin Peaks.


Where: Netflix


Warehouse 13

The daring artifact salvage crew is back — but maybe without one core member. How has Artie fared over this long break during the fourth season? What has Francesco Borgia's magic dagger done to him? We'll find out soon enough.


Where: Syfy

When: April 29th


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Marvel's Avengers Assemble

Marvel's Avengers Assemble will have a little sneak preview, a few months before the premiere date. Let's see if this Avengers cartoon can last.


Where: Disney XD

When: May 26th, with the official series premiere on July 7th.


Teen Wolf

Alpha werewolves and lacrosse! Fingers crossed the third season of this series is just a bunch of roided-out werewovles. But more important, will Stiles ever get Lydia to fall in love with him? Maybe if he practices lacrosse more. That's how it works, right?


Where: MTV

When: June 3rd


The second season of this time-travel cop show already started airing in Canada, but we have to wait until June to find out just exactly what Alec's future self wanted to tell him. And what, exactly, those terrorists' game plan might be.


Where: Syfy

When: June 7th

Being Human UK

The original BBC supernatural series is vastly different from its American counterpart. Yes, it's still about monsters attempting to be human, but the UK series has gotten vastly darker lately. Plus almost all of the characters are brand new.


Where: BBC America

When: The final season will air in the US on June 8th

Falling Skies

Everybody freak out, there are even MORE new aliens on Falling Skies. And these creatures look like some sort of video game superstar. Either the Skitters or the humans are screwed. Or all of the above, I guess.


Where: TNT

When: June 9th

True Blood

Billith has risen! Eric is probably going to stop sleeping with his sister, and Tara and Pam are now together. So yeah, maybe this year won't be better than the last. But then again if they shoot one episode entirely out of a vampire conference room, then season six has a leg up on season five.


Where: HBO

When: June 16th


The final episode of Futurama will air, once and for all. Could it come back? It has before, but the crew seems pretty OK with ending the Planet Express crew's journey in 2013. Fingers crossed they change their minds.


Where: Comedy Central

When: June 19th

Under the Dome

Adapted from Stephen King's book and produced by Brian K. Vaughan, Under the Dome is the show of the summer. A small town is inexplicably quarantined by a giant, impenetrable clear dome. It happens so fast, people's arms and legs are cut right off. Isolated from the rest of the world, the remaining 2,000 civilians trapped inside begin to unravel.


Where: CBS

When: June 24th


A talking dog and a hobbit make mischief together.

Where: FX

Date TBA



Birthed from a comic that was written by a young child and illustrated by an adult, Axe Cop the cartoon is sheer innocent insanity brought to life. Voice by THE Nick Offerman this cartoon promises to be something both the young and old cherish for centuries. It will premiere with a bunch of other goodies on 's Animation Domination slate.


Where: Fox

When: July 27th


In The Flesh


After a undead uprising the "cure" for zombie is discovered. Slowly biters are re-introduced into society but they still have the memories of all the terrible things they did before, they still look like monsters, and who really wants to be neighbors with a monster. Can you really be saved from the undead?

Where: BBC America

When: August 3rd

Breaking Bad

The final half of the final season. Will our meth-making duo make it out alive? Seriously, someone has to die, right? Or all of them — we're expecting a very high body count at this point. Check out the video recap of the first half of the 5th season.


Where: AMC

When: August 11th

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Marvel's Hulk and the Agents of SMASH

All our favorite giants in one cartoon, with one heck of a voice cast. Eliza Dushku will voice She-Hulk, Clancy mother f-ing Brown plays Red Hulk, and Seth Green is A-Bomb. More Smash.


Where: DisneyXD

When: August 11th



Um, I love Breaking Bad but... how on earth do you categorize it under "science fiction and fantasy"???