The ultimate guide to September's science fiction awesomeness!

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September rocks your universe, with William Gibson's long-awaited novel Zero History, the return of your favorite TV shows including Fringe, Venture Bros. and Supernatural, and some of the year's coolest science fiction conventions. Here's the indispensible io9 calendar for September.

As always, you can download the io9 calendar as a printable PDF here. And if you have any cool events for September's calendar, drop us a line at

Amazing design and layout by Stephanie Fox, and research/reporting by Kelly Faircloth.

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Simon DelMonte

Why are so many cons not listed? How could you leave out WorldCon, taking place in Australia this week? I hope you at least announce the Hugos and the Campbell in a timely fashion.

Speaking of Campbell, one of the nominees is Seanan McGuire, and the third October Daye book, An Artificial Night, is due out on Sept. 7.