The Ultimate Cosplayer Built a Working Version of Batman's Grappling Hook Gun

Probably best known for his functional electromagnetic Captain America shield replica, YouTube’s The Hacksmith and his team spent the past six months designing, building, and re-building a working Batman grappling hook gun that makes it extra easy to escape awkward cosplay conventions.


Powered by a pair of 2.7kW electric DC motors, the grappling gun has a custom designed gearbox for speed that’s hidden inside a 3D-printed shroud that allowed for unique detailing to match Batman’s other toys. The gun weighs around 15 pounds thanks in part to a pair of 6,200 maH lithium polymer batteries that will keep it running for almost 50 65-foot ascents or descents—more than enough for a long night of crimefighting.

The project cost well over $3,000 to build, not including all the labor and machinery needed to bring it to life. So while you don’t quite need a Bruce Wayne-sized bank account to make your own, you will need his technical skills and know-how for the build.



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John H. Mallett

That’s gonna hang awful heavy on the ol’ utility belt. He might need to invest in some utility suspenders to keep the Bat-pants up.