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"The Ultimate Computer" + Airplane = Disaster Movie Gold!

You have to love this clip from Turbulent Skies, the disaster movie starring Casper Van Dien which is newly out on DVD. Just the way every other line is the characters saying "WHAT?" to each other is pure awesomeness.


"Our pilot is dead. Our copilot is unconscious. Our flight computer has gone insane."


"And the computer is trying to crash us into Cleveland."

"How could you let this happen?"


The level of acting is phenomenal.

Turbulent Skies, which I believe was originally a TV movie, is about a passenger airplane fitted with an experimental computer autopilot for a test flight — with a ton of rich passengers on board. Just for shits and giggles. Unforunately, the rich dickwad in the clip above decided to upload some new code to the computer right before launch, and it included a virus — which made the computer TURN EVIL. I told you this was a great movie.


Also great is the part where the computer nerd who's trying to figure out how to disable the Evil Autopilot realizes that it's going to perceive any attempt to disconnect it as an attack — and fight back. Of course, literally two minutes later, the same computer nerd realizes that short-circuiting the thing will work. So it's not that big of a problem after all.

Oh, and I love the fact that the flight attendant collapses from lack of oxygen, and several others are gasping for air — but the other flight attendant and Casper Van Dien's wife are able to breathe normally, carry a passed-out person, hold a conversation, and run off for an oxygen tank.

It's all because Rich Dickwad wanted to get more investment in a hurry, and he didn't care who got hurt. And his dad — played by the awesome Brad Dourif — was willing to do whatever his son wanted. It's like a sermon on the evils of corporate greed, only with evil autopilots.

The rest of the movie is equally awesome, including lots of Casper Van Dien (who has to crawl from a military jet to the passenger airline in mid air) jutting his jaw and acting pissed off. Turbulent Skies would make an excellent three A.M. stoned movie.


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That guy in the clip is Patrick Muldoon... from Starship Troopers! Does he get his brain sucked out again? If he gets his brain sucked out again I'm totally buying this movie.