Still worrying over Halloween decorations? We've got you covered. We scoured the Internet for the best of the best Halloween goodies and brought you a list of the greatest gags and boos. Some are simple, DIY, cheapy-cheap creations; others may take a bit of finesse. But they are all sensational.

Head in a Jar! This is just a laminated piece of paper stuck in a jar and filled with water. It's a whole forced perspective thing, no lie, but it works so so so so well. You can even scan your own head, kind of. Exceptionally detailed guide over at Instructables.

Chicken Wire Ghost. Here's an idea: Don't even tell anyone you made this thing. Stick it in the back of your yard and just yell out, "Hey, do you see something back there?" to your roommate/partner/friend/spouse and then step back for the freakout.

[via Wacky Archives]

Spooky Silhouettes. This is my hands-down favorite. Created by paper artist Jeffery Rudell, this Halloween yard decoration is simply stunning. Over at Makezine, the artist takes you through each detail (which includes a PDF explaination and downloadable silhouettes), so you too can create your own haunted house. It's wonderful.

[via Makezine]

Puking Pumpkins! I will never tire of seeing puking pumpkins—whether they are puking out a tasty snack (via Trying for Baby S.) or their own pumpkin brains out (via Cut Out And Keep).

Giant Tentacle Monster. Get really, really creative and make your own giant tentacle monster in your front lawn.

[via Instructables]

FILL YOUR HOME WITH CREEPY DOLLS! SO MANY DOLLS! ALL THE DOLLS! Erect a doll head shrine by shoving toy noggins over electric candles. Camouflage a lone doll and hide it somewhere, anywhere, maybe even in your neighbors house. Make a creepy doll-face wreath. I'm tellin' ya, dolls.

Bathroom Murder Scene is astoundingly easy. Just buy new (cheap) linens and some fake blood (or make your own), and get to work. Tell no one, so it's a surprise for every guest you allow into the necessary.

[via Instructables]

Tape Ghosts! There are so many different things you can do with clear packaging tape, and it's all crazy. You can make little tape babies, or a glowing tape person (from the Crafty Geek), tape legs (via Art Sense From Hartville) and even tape people with flowing ghost bottoms (via Mark Jenkins). It's cheap and looks insane.

[via Makezine]

Cold Cut Head.How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat? Now this is how you display quality meats for a Halloween party. If you're not aware of the sensational styling of Stefanie Schiada over at Brooklyn Limestone, familiarize yourself because her decoration work is the beginning and end of all things awesome pertaining to Halloween decorations. This is where this fantastic idea for a skin-ripping face came from, and there are just many, many more fabulous ideas over at Brooklyn Limestone.

Budget Bodies. Take a bunch of trash bags, and mold them into a body with duct tape. Cover that bag with more bags, then a clear bag and—boom—you have your own Dexter-like body collection. If someone does use this particular decoration, please record the time it takes before the cops are called on your home.

[via Haunt Forum]

Mini Vampire Pumpkins. Put a twist on a tiny pumpkin by shoving a set of vampire teeth inside it. It's so adorable!

[Terrain via Apartment Therapy]

Leave no part of your home undecorated. Moaning Myrtle Toilet!

[via Pinning With Purpose]

DIY Stair Full of Mice. Get the printouts from Martha Stewart, and the rest is up to you.

[via Martha Stewart]

Zombie-proof your house without actually having to nail boards over your window.

[via Haunted Yards]

Stick a pair of glowing eyes in the bushes. All you need are a pair of plastic plates (to the left via Instructables) or a few cardboard tubes (via ebaums world), plus lights.

A fairly complicated undertaking, but the final look is amazing. This is a recreation of the Harry Potter Great Hall, but it's also just badass in its own right. The floating candle illusion was created by painting cardboard paper towel rolls white, adding flickering LED lights to the top and then stringing them up with fishing wire.

[via Eating Bender]

This spider egg sack can dangle right over your trick or treaters heads. It also reminds us a giant goober, which is also fairly disgusting. And the whole thing is DIY.

[via Martha Stewart]

And, for those of you not DIY inclined, here is a gigantic Inflatable Skeleton Drink Cooler. It requires exactly no work whatsoever. Just inflate. However, another clever idea might be to buy those human limbs from a party store and chuck them into your ice bucket. That could be fun.

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Thank you for your help Michael Malice and Lauren Davis.