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The UK Has Its Very First Professor of Comics

Illustration for article titled The UK Has Its Very First Professor of Comics

There are many university-level art and literature courses that revolve around the history and creation of comic books—but Lancaster University in England has just hired the first Professor in the country to specifically teach comics. And surprisingly, he has an even cooler title than “Professor of Comics” on his resume.


Benoit Peeters, a French graphic novelist and literature critic who co-created the Belgian fantasy comic Les Cités Obscures with François Schuiten in 1983, will hold the faculty position of “Professor of Graphic Fiction and Comics Art,” and will supplement teachers in creative writing and art departments to teach students about analyzing and creating comic books.

Aside from his own work as a graphic novelist, Peeters actually has a niftier title than “Professor of Comics” on his job history list. He’s also a “Tintinologist”—an expert on Hergé’s classic adventure series, having written several books on the comics, including Tintin and the World of Hergé.


Honestly, if you had to pick to have either one of those titles on your business card, it’d be tough to choose. They’re both awesome.

[Via The Telegraph]

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