The Two Words Guaranteed To Make Any Agents of SHIELD Episode a Billion Times More Awesome

“Shotgun Axe.”

Spoilers ahead...

In the clip above, we see Mack triumphing over a handful of xenophobic wack jobs, by creating his signature weapon out of a shotgun and a meat cleaver. The Shotgun Axe is indeed a mighty weapon from a more civilized era. In general, last night’s Agents of SHIELD was a fun outing and it was great to see more of Mack’s family life and stuff.


At the same time, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, the more the show tries to be about the public’s fear of Inhumans, and basically to be the X-Men without the actual X-Men, the less interesting it seems to be. On the other hand, Hydra seems to be advancing its plans for world domination, using these human-supremacist assholes (and former SHIELD Agent Blake) as a cover for getting some kind of super-weapon. Basically, I can’t wait until Coulson meets the new Grant Ward.

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