Neil Patrick Harris suffers from a little-known, yet incredibly goofy ailment: He dreams almost entirely in puppets (including the sex dreams). In order to raise awareness of this horrible, ridiculous disease, NPH has a new series titled "Puppet Dreams," debuting on Nerdist's YouTube channel on November 27th; you can see a 6-minute, behind-the-scenes preview above.


If six minutes is too much of your time to learn about this tragic, imaginary condition, I can give you the highlights:

• Neil Patrick Harris had a 9-month affair with The Nerdist's Chris Hardwick in 1992
• NPH's current partner/series co-producer David Burtka hates puppets (what are the odds?!)
• Brian Hanson is at least as confused about why he's working on this series as we are
• It stars more drag queens than you'd probably expect a series about puppets to have
• NPH is narcoleptic, even during sex
• Puppet-dreaming is apparently contagious
• Nathan Fillion is clearly game for anything


[Via The Mary Sue]

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