Remember Todd McFarlane's deranged <emTwisted Oz toys that spawned rumors of a psychotic Oz film? Sadly, sadistic has been traded in for sappy. Oz is getting a more PG-rated sequel, staring Dorothy's grand-daughter, the struggling lawyer, and her boss' kid.

Pajiba scored the log line for History of Violence writer Josh Olson's new PG-themed Oz script titled Oz: The Return to the Emerald City. This is what we're dealing with:

It's a modern-day sequel. The story centers on Dorothy Neil, a bright and ambitious young lawyer for a prestigious law firm in Chicago. Neil is the grand-daughter of Dorothy Gale, who is now an old woman living in Kansas and telling her tales about her time in the land of Oz to a new generation of kids. However, trouble is afoot in Oz, as a new witch is destroying the magic that keeps the entire place running. While [Dorothy is] babysitting her boss' kid, the kid and Dorothy Neil are brought back to Oz and united with the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow and tasked with killing an evil witch and restoring order in Oz.


While we're not bias against rom-coms or family-friendly romps, we just really wanted to see Todd McFarlane's Wizard on the big screen...

But it seems like we have a long wait until our S&M Dorothy fantasies come true — until then, I wonder if Anne Hathaway is free for this picture?

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