The Twilight Zone Reboot Trailer Is an Exciting Sideways Step Into Another World

Jordan Peele wants to guide you into a spooky new dimension.
Jordan Peele wants to guide you into a spooky new dimension.
Image: CBS

Jordan Peele’s dimension of imagination is looking pretty damn fantastic.

We had that trippy Super Bowl teaser, but CBS just finally dropped our first proper look at its reimagining of the classic anthology series The Twilight Zone. Check out the trailer below:

It’s short, but very sweet, and mainly an excuse to just see the sheer breadth of the impressive cast bringing this reboot to life. We can’t wait to watch them all get horrendously broken mentally and physically as they step into a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.


The Twilight Zone begins streaming on CBS All Access April 1.

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It’s a shame it’s only on CBS all-access. Not going to start subscribing to TV-channel-specific streaming services. It’s getting to the point where online subscriptions combined are almost as much as cable.