The Twilight pregnancy scene is giving audience members seizures

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Breaking Dawn's lovey-dovey treacle may make you queasy, but some unlucky theatergoers are discovering that it can actually give you a seizure.


ABC reports that the flashing lights of the birthing sequence are triggering cases of photosensitive epilepsy. Century-old vampire marrying a dour teenager, I choose you:

The in-theater seizures, also known as photosensitive epilepsy, are thought to be a result of the bright flashing of red, black and white during the film's nerve-wracking scene.

Brandon Gephart and Kelly Bauman had gone to see "Breaking Dawn: Part One" last Friday when Gephart began "convulsing, snorting, [and] trying to breathe," according to Bauman. He doesn't remember anything, he says, but soon awoke on the theater floor and was taken out by paramedics. The remainder of the screening was cancelled.

Twilight seizures, they're the next Avatar depression. As a side note, the dangers of the Breaking Dawn birthing sequence were reported earlier this week by famed comic illustrator Jim Lee, who tweeted, "Had to step out of Breaking Dawn...our 11 year old son literally threw up during the birthing scene." Lee claims that this was a physiological reaction to the events onscreen ("He said the crunching noises during birth got to him") but that incident just sounds like your average preteen's protest to being dragged to a Twilight film.

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John Hazard

Why all the flashing? Is there sparkle-magic shooting out of her baby-gate?

I don't care about spoilers, just tell me (please).

I wonder if it's like the birth scene in The Manitou. With lasers!