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Rocket-powered skateboarding. Sewer-surfing. Pleasant surprise at being bulletproof. This newest TMNT trailer features the Turtles doing a lot of ridiculous things, perhaps none so insane as making a flat-out Wu-Tang Clan reference. I... I think I may love this movie.

I'm sure there are some fans that are upset that this isn't the grim n' gritty remake of teenaged, mutated turtle-men trained in ninjutsu they've been hoping for, but I wholeheartedly embrace the movie's decision to be as ridiculous as the classic cartoon. The Turtles' general joie de vivre and excellent taste in '90s rap music makes them seem more like teenagers, and not the Turtles-of-Indeterminate-Age of other adaptations. It may all turn out to be a disaster, but you can't feature the Turtles screaming "Woo! TANG!" without getting me genuinely excited for the finished product.