The Truth Is Here At Last: "Manta Ray" UFO Spotted Over Costa Rica

A photographer in Costa Rica observed a “Manta Ray”-shaped UFO, which had no visible means of propulsion. Which means it’s not a drone! In fact, it appears to be using some kind of anti-gravity drive. The above video contains massively zoomed-in closeups of the object, so you can judge for yourself.


And here’s a screenshot from the video by Paranormal Crucible, showing the totally not a drone object:

Illustration for article titled The Truth Is Here At Last: Manta Ray UFO Spotted Over Costa Rica

Over at UFO Sightings Daily, there’s an eyewitness account of the item’s appearance, which mentions that it flew in much the same way a drone would have—but again, there’s no visible means of propulsion, so it’s not a drone. Also, it was a bright morning, and the object did not reflect much sunlight. Also at that link: more pictures of the item, which is clearly not a drone. (Actually, my favorite comment on that article is: “This drone crap has ruined stargazing and stumbling on a possible ufo.”) [h/t Huffington Post]

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