The Truth About The Moon Landing

Buzz Aldrin has a few words for those wondering what it was like to be one of the first men on the moon. Unfortunately, they might not be the exact words that you were hoping for.


Talking to the Guardian newspaper on the 40th anniversary of the historic mission, Aldrin said,

People want to know what it felt like... They want us in a few words to generate the enthusiasm that the world had as they contemplated what we were about to do. Well, what it felt like is something that we trained for. We were trying to treat it as calmly as we could and perform to the best of our ability. We tried to repress feelings of exuberance, of disappointment, and be proud and responsible people accomplishing the task that was given to us. That sounds kind of boring. Except that what we did was kind of earth-shaking.

The man who fell to earth []

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