The Truth About Prehistoric Potatoes and Mini Skirts

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Our ancestors loved to dress up nice and go out for tubers, according to two new studies of ancient human living areas. So thousands of years ago we weren't going all 2001, with guys in ratty cloaks grunting. In fact, the prehistoric world wasn't full of guys with spears hunting meat at all, but instead lots of people with spoons digging up yummy potatoes. They even dug for tubers when meat and veggies above ground were plentiful. Plus, according to a recent AP story, they all looked great and were incredibly fashionable.


Serbian researchers just dug up a bunch of 7500-year-old fashions — including mini skirts. Quoted in the AP story, archaeologist Julka Kuzmanovic-Cvetkovic said:

According to the figurines we found, young women were beautifully dressed, like today's girls in short tops and mini skirts, and wore bracelets around their arms . . . [the presence of metal shops] might prove that the Copper Age started in Europe at least 500 years earlier than we thought.


And in Tanzania, a dig revealed that early proto-human primates used tuber-digging spoons quite a bit. Far more than animal-killing tools. What does this leave us with? A blissful image of veggie-eating, mini skirt-wearing ladies making copper tools. Sounds as if human prehistory was more like a liberal arts college than The Land That Time Forgot. Or maybe it's just that science journalists want us to think so.AP photo by Felice Calabro.

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