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To everyone who got excited over the prospect of seeing a time-traveling Bruce Wayne dressed up like Johnny Depp's Cap'n Jack Sparrow in next year's Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne series: We're sorry... but it's not going to happen.

Return (and Batman and Robin) writer Grant Morrison broke the sad news during an interview with Comic Book Resources:

Those amazing [preview] visuals were all Andy Kubert's work. They'd make great toys, wouldn't they? Somebody should get started on that. The League of Historic Batmen. Andy just went to town with the idea of what Batman might look like if he'd developed in these different time periods. How would the bat-equipment work? How would you get the mask effect? Or the effect of a cape? If you look behind the six covers Andy's done – they all join up into one big image – Bruce is mostly wearing sort of conventional period clothes, dictated by the in-story logic. In the first story, Bruce is actually stripped to the waist, as we saw him on the last page of "Final Crisis." All he has is his utility belt. So we don't necessarily get to see him as Bat- Pirate with the flowing beard of dreadlocks and the mask, which genuinely breaks my heart [laughs].


For those who don't care about time-traveling Dark Knights, Morrison offered a great tease about what's upcoming in the monthly Batman and Robin series' next storyline:

This is our version of a Batman crossover team-up event – done in three issues and set mostly in England. We have the Knight and the Squire. Death and rebirth. And Batwoman's in it. It's a micro-"Crisis" [laughs]... There's just something about the idea of the "English Batman" who can't handle his father's death and blows all his inheritance on drink and drugs and women. He had to be dragged back from the gutter by this tough little working class girl and her mom. So there's a great class thing with the two characters. She's a street kid and he's an aristocrat. Their adventures have little echoes of the Steed and Peel "Avengers," and there's a bit of "Doctor Who" in there, too. This three-issue arc is a kind of mash-up of every British comic or cult TV show in a way. But with Batman.


Batman and Robin #7 is released next month.

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