The True Star of Inhumans Is Getting His Own Comic Book

Image: Marvel Comics. Cover art by Ed McGuinness

The only thing worth watching the Inhumans TV show for. Guardian of the Inhuman Royal Family. Master teleporter. Extremely good boy. Lockjaw is all of these things, and now he’s another: the star, at long last, of his very own comic book.

Marvel has announced that Lockjaw, a four-part miniseries written by Daniel Kibblesmith, with art from Carlos Villa, will see Lockjaw reunited with his family. Not the Inhuman royals, his actual fellow pups.


As we learned in the pages of Black Bolt recently, Lockjaw is an actual dog with Inhuman powers, and not some poor human who transformed into a hulking dog during the act of Terrigenisis most Inhumans go through. But how did he get them? That’ll be the heart of what Lockjaw explores, presumably also alongside multiple pages of characters around him reminding him what a very good boy he is.

Lockjaw #1 will hit shelves in February 2018.



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