The true origin of "squee!"

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Among fans, "squee" has become a word that sums up all our feelings of reckless abandon when we wholeheartedly fall in love with a story or character. New Firefly movie? Squee! Shirtless Benedict Cumberbatch photos revealed? Squee! The next Game of Thrones book is out? SQUEE!!! But squee was first used as comic book sound-effect word made by dying robots.

Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 AD fan Richard Rae has put together this compilation of robot squee death scenes to help us understand this key moment in the term's etymology. He writes in to io9 to explain his collage masterpiece:

Always was a big fan of "Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 AD" in the comics, and I was using "squeee!' long before it became a trendy "delight" noise. Of course, it wasn't always this way — in the comics, whenever a robot was wrecked or beheaded by Magnus, its death cry usually consisted of "Squeee!" or something akin to it (obviously the sound of the robot's voice box feedback upon destruction). So for your enjoyment, edification, or just plain SMH on the time I spent on this, here's a compilation I made consisting of every occurrence of "Squee" in the original Russ Manning Magnus Robot Fighter comics (not counting the reprints or the couple of issues where there was nary a "squee" to be found).


Good to know!

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Are we sure there's a direct connection between the modern "squeeee!" and a sound effect from a '60s comic book? It's a pretty generic sound, and I'm sure other fans could have come up with it independently.