The Trouble with Entertainment Weekly's List of "Best SF Since 1983"

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How much truly great science fiction has been created in the last 25 years? Entertainment Weekly think that they know, and have compiled a list of "The Genre's Best Since 1983" to prove it, ranking the top 25 SF movies and TV shows (because, really: books, comics or games? Not entertaining enough, apparently) and proving that, just because you work for an internationally-distributed pop-culture magazine doesn't mean that you can count.Call me pedantic, but the main problem with EW's list isn't their choice of the best SF film of the last 25 years (Although, come on; The Matrix? Really? Every day, I become more and more convinced that I am the only person in the world who thought that that movie was an overly-special-effects-laden rip off of The Invisibles with horrendously uncharismatic lead actors doing their limited best with shitty dialogue) but that three of the entries come from 1982. EW writers! The clue is right there in the title of the piece! "The Genre's Best Since 1983," not "Oh, but we really liked ET, so that counts, right?" Don't let that put you off going to check out the list itself, which brings its own particularly frustrating brand of enjoyment when you realize that, for every Galaxy Quest getting its day in the sun, there's a Doctor Who being placed beneath Quantum Leap. Seriously. Some people have no sense of history. (Since writing this, EW have renamed the article "The Genre's Best Since 1982". The power of the press, or a copyeditor just realizing the mistake? You be the judge.) [Entertainment Weekly]

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Yeah...putting Matrix as #1 IN FRONT OF Blade Runner is a serious insult. I agree Matrix should be on the list, but not NOT #1. IMO: In that list, Blade Runner should be #1 and Alien #2. Where the hell is Alien?

I do like that they included Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind. I never really considered it a sci-fi. It's a human drama. But, it really is Sci-fi at it's roots. I loved that movie.