The Tron: Legacy Daft Punk Soundtrack Goes Perfectly With the Trippy Effects of Star Trek: The Motion Picture

A soundtrack can often make or break a film. Daft Punk’s work on Tron: Legacy helped make that sequel mostly watchable, but it turns out that score works even better for Star Trek: The Motion Picture, as Patrick Collins discovered when he brilliantly mashed up both films.


Collins felt that Jerry Goldsmith’s original Star Trek: TMP score had a lot of similarities to the work Daft Punk did back in 2010, although with a distinctly ‘70s feel. So not only has Collins’ re-edit modernized the film’s soundtrack, which actually seems to better match Star Trek’s trippy visual effects, he also cut down the film’s runtime from two hours and 12 minutes to a fast-paced 22 minutes that really doesn’t feel like anything important was left out.

[Vimeo via The Awesomer]

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Is Star Trek: TMP a victim of its time or what? It seems like the least talked about Star Trek movie, and while it’s not my favorite, it seemed like it wanted to be more like a Kubrick film than a Trek film, and that was sort of the style of the time, long, beautiful and almost silent shots of detailed ships encountering giant monoliths.

I get that it was originally going to launch as a rebooted TV series, but it’s such an interesting moment in Sci-Fi TV history.