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Now that Avatar has made enough money for James Cameron to reforest Brazil, Hollywood is taking another look at science fiction love stories. Case in point: Ion, a dimension-hopping romance that all the studios turned down last year.


In the wake of Avatar's success, the spec script for Ion, by Will Dunn, is suddenly a hot property, reports Heat Vision. Channing Tatum is attached to star in it, and Ridley and Tony Scott are lined up to produce. Tatum will play a man who travels to different alternate Earths, crossing dimensions, to find "his reincarnated lover." It sounds a bit daffy.

Heat Vision says this is just one of the science fiction films that's gotten new heat thanks to Avatar. The others include:

  • Logan's Run (with Carl Rinsch directing),
  • All You Need Is Kill (a time-looping, alien-fighting movie based on the hot Japanese novel),
  • Mass Effect (based on the hit video game, duh),
  • and Pacific Rim (a film from Clash Of The Titans writer Travis Beacham, about malevolent creatures attacking the Earth, and humans using advanced technology to fight them off.)

Anything that gets more science fiction on our screens is a good thing. And given that Sturgeon's Law applies here, ten new movies mean we might actually get one new classic. So fingers crossed. [Heat Vision]

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