The Train Station Of Tomorrow

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The just-opened Liège-Guillemins train station in Belgium is being hailed as visionary and futuristic in its design, so we thought we'd let you take a look at the future of rail travel with this gallery.


Upon visiting the station for the first time, architectural critic Jonathan Glancy wrote,

[T]he new station at Liége-Guillemins is a revelation, as grand as anything the Victorians built and yet futuristic, too – in the sense that it seems dreamlike and visionary. This gleaming station, commissioned by the Belgian state railway, is easily one of the world's finest. Its ethereal, transparent, filigree architecture suggests openness, a dissolving of boundaries, infinite horizons, speed, grace and ease: everything, in other words, that train travel should be.


See for yourself if you agree:

Images 1-2, 16-19 by Nguyen Dai
Images 3-6 by Michel Clair
Image 7 by Mattingham
Image 8-10 by benoit d
Images 11-15 by Randaxhe

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Chip Overclock®

Thanks for posting this. I love stuff like this.

Architecture and design like this captures the times in which it was built in (IMHO) a unique way.

And maybe I just have a train station fetish, having been in them in the U.S., Canada, England, France, and Japan. Denver, I'm pleased to say, has a very nice (and still active) art deco Union Station.