The Trailer for Trick Wants to Launch the Next Great Horror Franchise

That’s a terrifying mask.
That’s a terrifying mask.
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Horror is at its best when there’s mythology behind the mayhem. That’s why franchises like Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw, Halloween, and so many others endure. We love the scares but also the history and story of these evil characters.

That level of success is what most horror movies aspire to and it’s certainly the goal of the new movie, Trick. How do we know? Because the trailer says so. It says the film, which stars Omar Epps, is the birth of a “horror legend.” Whether or not that’s true remains to be seen, but watch the trailer and see what you think.

Co-written and directed by Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry), Trick gives off a lot of familiar vibes, at least going by this trailer. Killing at a party feels like Scream, some of the booby traps feel like Saw, the killer’s invincibility feels like Friday the 13th. We still don’t know exactly what makes Trick different from all of those characters and others—but I must say, the trailer’s confidence has me interested to find out.


Trick hits select theaters, VOD, and digital on October 18.

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Constant Colors

“Horror is at its best when there’s mythology behind the mayhem.”

I mean, if you’re talking about the schlocky horror that only traffics in jump scares. And the endless “horror franchises” that get more and more nonsensical as they continue to “explore” (read:milk) the “mythology” (read: inane backstory thrown together to justify the sequels). Then sure. Whatever.

I wouldn’t call that horror at its best though. More like horror at its most baldly commodified. Which, fair enough. Capitalism is the true horror of our age.