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The Trailer For The Year's Most Surprising Movie Is Finally Here

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You may not believe it, but one of this year’s best movies features puppets. It’s called Anomalisa, written and co-directed by Charlie Kaufman, the genius behind Being John Malkovich, Adaptation and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


The film opens December 30 in limited release then everywhere else in January and the first trailer is now here.


Okay, Anomalisa is not your typical io9 movie. The story is decidedly un-fantastic, about a man who reflects on his depressing life while on a business trip and then meets a woman who changes everything. But its form is everything weird and quirky that we love.

Kaufman and co-director Duke Johnson have crafted an eerie, but believable puppet aesthetic that gives every action of the characters a whole new level of introspection. An otherwise simple story becomes a jaw-dropping exercise in storytelling.

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Absolute Travis T

Found the YT link ‘cause Apple trailers run like shite.