The Trailer for the Scifi Film Prospect Is Delightfully Baffling

Prospect looks all kinds of weird and we’re here for it.
Prospect looks all kinds of weird and we’re here for it.
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The new film Prospect is about a father and daughter who travel to another planet to harvest a rare mineral. Once there, they realize it’s not going to be some simple mission. Bad people want the valuable substance, too—and they’ll kill to get it.

Written and directed by Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell, Prospect will premiere at South by Southwest in Austin, TX this week. It stars Sophie Thatcher and Jay Duplass as the father and daughter, alongside a cast includes Pedro Pascal and Andre Royo. We were the first place to show you some super cool images from the film, and now, here’s the trailer.

Even with some advance knowledge of what the movie is about, the trailer is wonderfully weird. Lots of very unique imagery and great costumes, as well as some philosophical talk—those are just a few of the things that stand out. If you want to get a better idea of what to expect, you can watch the original short film here.


For info on screenings and more, visit this site.


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A rare mineral?

Is it unobtainium?