The art of the American movie trailer has been long dead. Hollywood should crib from the playbook of the Nigerian exorcist flick Mass Destruction, which sells the living crap out of a movie that is almost assuredly unwatchable.

Here's a review of this Nollywood horror drama via African Movies Direct:

After attending a late night party without the knowledge or consent of her parents Chief and his wife, Rose, Grace returns no longer herself, possessed by an unfamiliar spirit. As her behavior worsens, her parents seek the help of spiritual leader after spiritual leader all to no avail, that is, until they meet the pastor. Will the ensuing battle destroy the pastor's marriage and family? Will he live to declare the glory, mercies and grace of God against this demon bent on crushing him? Despite the title, nothing in the way of massive destruction takes place, though it seems to threaten to, at least in Grace's household.


This looks ways better than the Turkish Exorcist. Has anyone ever seen Mass Destruction? Is it as good as this preview? Is it like watching fireworks at a viking funeral on an ocean of ether? Inquiring minds need to know.

[Spotted on Boing Boing]


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